Selling My Saddle Club Goods!

Keep posted on my selling date! all items will be sold via Ebay! 

what i'm selling: 

Blue and Pink TSC duffle bag with cute Aussi name tag
TSC Tin pencil case with 3 shelfs w/scented colored pencils
stencil book 
3 McDonalds TSC horse Plushies Starlight, Prancer, Belle (not in package)
TSC bonnie Bryant Book double edition Horse Theif + Schooling Horse
Pony Tails by Bonny Bryant

The Saddle Club Magazines (sorry if they are out of order but they are organized by year!!)
  1. Jan/Feb 2004
  2. May/June 2004
  3. Nov/Dec 2004
  4. Sep/Oct 2004
  5. Nov/Dec 2005
  6. Sept/Oct 2005
  7. July/Aug 2005
  8. May/June 2005
  9. Mar/Apr 2005
  10. Jan/Feb 2005
  11. Sep/Oct 2006
  12. July/Aug 2006
  13. May/June 2006
  14. Mar/April 2006
  15. Jan/Feb 2006

This is It!

Today is the day! last night i recieved in the mail my Parelli level 1 DVDs from a seller on ebay. i must say i'm very unhappy with the order these DVDs were kept in and that there are major scratches on the first dvd (idk how many there are elsewheres). so if you get a complaint about the DVDs you've been warned! 

The Parelli program has helped millions of horse owners train their horses and form a bond between horse owner and horse. Horses that have had terrible all the time problems have been "cured" of their bad behaviors and also their owners. The Journey starts here for me! from now on i am a parelli student and horse lover.

so i thought i'd list Reba's problems here:
  • Doesent Listen Properly
  • Short attention Span
  • Disrespectful
  • Doesn't allow hooves to be picked up without a fight
  • Pushy
  • Doesn't stand still
  • likes to walk infront of me
  • Undersaddle has no attention to focus on riding
  • Doesn't like to be touched (especially face/nose area) 
  • Bucks (when asked to canter)
  • Can't make transitions ( trot to walk, canter to trot, canter to walk)
  • Can't Canter on or off the lunge and definatly not under saddle
  • Can't do more than a walk undersaddle (a trusted gait)
  • eats too much (probibly can't fix but worth putting on the problem list)
  • doesn't get along with others in riding ring.
  • doesn't foccus on me.
  • doesn't steer well
  • doesn't back up undersaddle.
from what i've heard from others who have used the Perelli natural horsmanship program, all these problems can be fixed with time. i've watched chapter 1 of disk 1 in level 1 and the riders in the traiing program had 1 week, and linda said it only really took 20 hours.

i've been told that Reba is an easy horse to break in.She'll do whatever you want when asked! She's a real nice horse! i've owned her for almost 3 years and i haven't seen any of the work we do pay off! and i'm sure she is a nice horse with training. and i don't have money to buy a trainer (plus i don't really trust trainers and i want to bond with her myself see her progress) so this is our journey.

i'll keep you posted with youtube videos and blogging. thanks! 

<3 Tawnya and Reba


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